The art of the craftsman

They say that craftsmanship is a lost art. That the days of things made with hand are gone. That the idea of speed and quantity has overtaken the ideals of quality.

At Peachey, we beg to differ.

One look around our workshops in Central PA, and it doesn’t take long to see why. Because around here, we’re more man than machine. More hand-crafted than mass-produced. It’s here that old-growth trees become remarkable floors. Where things are done differently and always done with pride. Where quality comes first. Quantity is made-to-order. And the art of the craftsman lives on.

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We understand that not all hardwood floors are crafted with pride. But here, there’s no substitute for doing things right. That’s why we proudly stand behind each board that carries the Peachey name with a promise of quality, enduring beauty and long-lasting performance.
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Custom wide-plank flooring
from old-growth forests.

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Discover the premium hardwood flooring that creates lasting beauty.

planer illustration

Discover the old-world skills that create timeless character.

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Discover the countless colors that create beautifully unique spaces.

Peachey Hardwood Flooring