Custom Hardwood Flooring

What Mother Nature starts,
we finish. Beautifully.

At Peachey®, we understand that each customer we serve has a unique vision of how our premium flooring will transform the rooms of their home and create one-of-kind spaces. As the place where you will celebrate holidays and birthdays, share quiet moments, tell stories, make memories, and live your life fully, investing in your home will always be worth it.

That’s why we treat each custom order we receive with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as we do to the flooring that beautifies our homes. Whether it’s for a renovation, a small addition, or the construction of the dream home you’ve waited a lifetime to build, we look forward to the opportunity to hand-craft flooring to your personal preference and bring your vision to life.

From the species you choose, to custom colors and unique hand-distressing treatments you select, our craftsmen will create flooring that will add character, elegance and style to your home for generations.

Peachey Hardwood Flooring